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'Bout Moi 'Bout Loves--Facts 'Bout Diet
To whoever may have come across my humble internet adobe purposely or on accident ( or maybe you are bored and just like to read random people's biographies...I know I do ;)) here is some information me and my background. I'm Sierra (not my proper name...it's an alias perhaps one day I shall reveal my true identity) I just turned thirteen in October. So my immaturity excuse is fairly reasonable isn't it? Anyways I'm an ol' Yankee girl from Ohio. I have visited many States (my parents wanted me to see the Country before we settled down for my educational needs) I can say that Nevada, California and Arizona are my favorite states (I absolutely despise the East coast's weather....Summer is too short and Winter comes too fast). I'm very shy in person often I'm the one waiting for people to come up to me. I have a few friends I keep close to me (Cherry and Amber). Incase I need some dose of sanity though it is highly overrated. Fangirl extreme...J.K.R inspired me to read in fifth grade. I believe I read Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire (I haven't/didn't bother to read the first three since I saw the movies and I'm way too lazy ;/). 2004 I went online to find other like me and found Fanfiction.net searched "Harry Potter" and found several compelling D/Hr stories and it all evolved from there. I went to HPANA then RPG's now I read lemons and sip tea (and happen to be one of the most perverted people I know aside from Cherry(who prefers anime\shoune-ai)). This also made me want to write things as half as good as J.K.R and Qoise{Queen of Serpents}. It's improved but I really don't feel confident enough to post anything publicly. Onto my nearly regular life. My parents who are old compared to the thirty and twenty something parents out there(they're in the fifties). Yes they had me when they were forty-something. Nosy people are always asking how the hell do I have a thiry year old sister(though not quite like that). I have only have her as a sibling (who's moved out and has her own family to fret about :D). Some say I am weird because I have no other brother and sisters (maybe so personally I rather be weird and have my bedroom, the guest room and bathroom(all located on the third floor) all to myself than suffering with kin in tight quarters). I'm 5'9, big deep brown eyes and brown hair. I have always felt awkward about being so unnaturally pudgier and chestier than other people I began eating my emotion in third grade...went from 124 to 145. I stayed this way until fifth and six grade when I can say my highest was well over 180(at 5'7). Seventh grade I was tired of being the big fat girl and dropped to my now 158. I have developed eating disorder not specified...yes I know I can die from it luckily my mom took a hint. She told me to wise up. Would I rather be fat and dead or alive and healthy. I wish to be 118 by the end of August 2007. Dieting is no fun but it must be done. (No more rhyming I swear :P). Some more on the name.Some more on the name. I am currently using my middle name as an alias. //Smacks lips together\\ Yes I own the freakin' pop stop friggin' askin' mae dat, k? My first name is a feminine version my dad's middle name which is (Lanier). My last name annoy me because I was always beefy and "Wells" (not "Whales) didn't help my self-esteem. My nick name is "Nae" (from my family) and "Baby Wells" (from my dad personally).Personality: (all of this I have been told) nice, silly, spunky, sweet, weird, opinionated, shy, talks you to sleep, funny (I guess.... o.O), and an all around good person.Look(s) Herearound good person. Age: 13 B-day: Oct 3rd Brithstone: Diamond - Bling bling! Zodiac Sign: Libra Hair Color: Brown Red-- Strawberry Chocolate Swirl(yum!) Eye Color: Brown. Obessions I can't live without: Internet(the day the earth goes back into the stone age is the day a) commit suicide b)am already dead c)fall over and whimper then do choice a.), Harry Potter fanfiction, Harry Potter books, Harry Potter rpg's, im-ing(instant messaging is the new phone\telly), fan-girling, hot guy model who go by the name of Robert Boyd Holbrook, music(rock, alt, rap). Favorites: Lavender\Lime Green\Hot Pink. Subway, Mexican food, Gyros, pasta, chicken. Ice tea, Lemon tea, Vanilla Hazel tea, Vanilla tea, Green tea, black coffee, sugared and creamed coffee, water, grape juice, cranberry juice. Book: Twilight: by Stephanie Meyer. Actor(s): Viggo Mortensen, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Adam Brody and Dominic Monaghan, Hayden Christian. Actress(es) Scarlett Johanson, Keira Knightley, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Vivica Fox, Ziyi Zhang. Movies: Memoirs of a Geisha, Kill Bill 1, Kill Bill 2, Matrix Trilogy, Lord of the Rings triology, Harry Potter (all), X-men the last stand, Hide and seek, Rocky Horror Picture Show.Television Shows: Lost, House, AVATAR: the last airbender, Family Guy, Futrama, The Simpsons, Yes Dear, Monk, Friends, Charmed, Degrassi: the next generation, Amercia's Next Top Model, The OC, Kyle XY, Lifetime movie specials, Everybody Loves Raymond, Ellen, That 70's Show, Law and Order SVU, ER, Believe it or not, Friends, The Drew Carey Show, Home Improvement, Invader ZIM.... TONs and TONS of cartoons XD Alot of MTV too. Things in HPverse: Characters: Draco, Hermione, Ronald(Ron), Ginny, Albus Dumbledore, Pansy, Bellatrix, Fred and George, and Luna. Couples(non-cannon and cannon): Draco/Hermione(het otp, Draco/Ginny, Draco/Luna, Draco Pansy, Draco/Blaise, Draco/Blaise/Hermione, Draco/Harry(slash otp), Hermione/Blaise, Hermione/Ginny, Hermione/Pansy(femslash otp), Hermione/Luna, Ginny/Pansy, Nacissa/Draco and Lucius/Draco both win cest otp.Characters to rpg: Hermione, Luna, Pansy(presently), Ginny, future era girls. Nothing agaisnt the guys (cause I <3 you too) it's hard for me to rp a guy. Plainly because I don't know how guys function. //Lip quivers\\ Coffeee/Tea ChallengePoints
Fasting:(10 points)
1-600 calories:(5 points)
601-1,000 calories:(15 points)
1,001-1,600 calories:(5 points)
1,601- or more calories:(0 points)
If you binge or purge substract 15 points from your total points for the day
every 8 oz. cup of water you drink:(1 point)
every 8 oz. cup of Coffee/Tea you Drink:(5 points)
61-120 mins.:(15 points)
31-60 mins.:(10 points)
10-30 mins.:(5 points)
Commenting at least 3 other people in the challenge:(5 points)
Beauty Sleep
Getting at least 6 hours of sleep:(5 points)
Need to buy:[] Green Tea Pills
[] Green Tea Gum
[] Green Tea Bottles
[] Diet Pills
[] Green Tea Mix
[] Fish Supplement Pills
Need to:
To spread 400 calories throughout the day to keep up metabolism .
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